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La Razón: Rafael Peralta Revuelta, April 22nd, 2012

(La Razón is a right of centre tabloid similar to the Daily Mail. Rafael Peralta Revuelta is an author and amateur bullfighter, and son of one of Spain’s most famous professional horseback bullfighters and breeders of bulls.)

An Englishman in the arena

This past Easter Sunday, a British diplomat, Lord Tristan Garel-Jones, made a defense of bullfighting from the lectern of the Lope de Vega theatre in the classic Bullfighting Proclamation the Royal Maestranza of Seville. Bullfighting has always appealed in one way or another to the English. For some, it is a show that, far from their Anglo-Saxon culture, they describe as barbaric. For others it may mean something curious, full of mystery and romance. Such was the case of Joseph William Forbes, boxing manager who every summer went to Spain for his own particular taurine “tournament”. As do the members of the Club Taurino of London, who every year visit our city to attend the bullfights of the April Fair.

Alexander Fiske-Harrison is an English writer and actor, whom we salute at the gate of the Plaza de Toros. Several years ago now, he began to have contact with the world of bullfighting, with the help of family and close friends. Little by little, he went deeper into the secrets of the world of the bulls. He became an amateur bullfighter, fighting on the ranch “Zahariche” of the Miuras, and arrived at the point of killing a Saltillo bull on the ranch of the Moreno de la Cova family. He became friends with bull-breeders, of bullfighters like Juan Jose Padilla or Adolfo Suárez Illana. His experiences are contained in the book Into The Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight. As a philosopher and writer specializing in analyzing the behavior of animals, he recognized in England that there is a lot of hypocrisy about bullfighting. Last week gave a lecture at the University of Seville, explaining his vision of bullfighting. Fiske-Harrison opens a new door, fundamental and necessary, to the Fiesta Brava in Anglo-Saxon culture.

ABC: Mario Niebla del Toro, April 14th, 2012

(From the Spanish equivalent of the Daily Telegraph, ABC, from an evening where the breeders of the bull pardoned in the Royal Maestranza bullring of Seville in 2012, the Núñez del Cuvillo family, accepted an award from the Royal Aero Club of Seville.)

(Pepe García de Tejada, the consul general of Colombia, Gabriela Cano, Tristán Ybarra, Maria O’Neill, the paitner Cristina Ybarra and the English actor, writer and bullfighter Alexander Fiske-Harrison)

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(This was one of a long string of such prizes for them. Caja Rural did the same for Álvaro Núñez Benjumea and the matador José Marí Manzanares four days before, which I also attended, see below.)

Diario de Navarra: Cover Photo, July 8th, 2011


A clean run in the Feria of Saint Fermín

(I am circled in the red and white striped jacket enterring into the ring with the herd of bulls following the first bull-run of 2011 in Pamplona, capital city of the autonomous community of Navarre in Spain. The headline refers to the fact that none of us were gored.)

Expansión: Roberto Casado, August 28th, 2011

 An Englishman jumps into the ring in defence of the bulls

(This is a translation of: “Un espontáneo inglés salta en defensa de los toros.” An espontáneo is a member of the audience at a bullfight who jumps, illegally, into the ring to cape the animal with which the matador is fighting. Expansión is the Spanish language equivalent of the Financial Times.)

In a year of pessimism among aficionados of bullfighting, because of the effect of the economic crisis on the bullfights and the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, a book published in England provides a dose of hope for the future of the spectacle by giving a sturdy defense of the ‘fiesta nacional’ from a new international perspective.

Alexander Fiske-Harrison attempt to ‘torear’ a young bull of Saltillo in the presence of the matadors Finito de Córdoba and Juan José Padilla (Photo: Nicolás Haro)

Alexander Fiske-Harrison, a 35-year old Englishman, who studied biology and philosophy, a member of environmental organizations, who made began his career as an actor in London, recounts his two years of immersion in the world of bullfighting in the book Into the Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight.

Read on the Spanish language version of my blog, La Última Arena by clicking here.

ABC: Andrés González-Barba, June 4th, 2011

There is much hypocrisy in England about bullfighting

Author of Seville at the launch of his book at the Hotel Las Casas de la Judería, Seville. (Photo from ABC: Felipe Guzmán)

After three years of visits to Spain, has just published the book “Into the Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight” – which is sold on the Amazon website, where he reflects on his experiences in the world of bullfighting.

Read on the Spanish language version of my blog, La Última Arena by clicking here.

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